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Cash Reconciliation

Is there a receipt or payment on my bank statement that I can’t explain?

Was I expecting a cash movement that did not materialize?

These are the two questions you need to constantly ask when administering cash. By reconciling actual cashflows on your bank statement with expected cashflows, Cashbook let’s you stay in control of your cash administration.

Cashbook’s matching algorithms can automatically identify reconciling items, leaving you the time to focus on exceptions.

Software matching algorithms that automatically identify reconciling items
People reviewing a suite of cashbook reports


Whether producing Management Reporting for exception processing or statements for your clients, Cashbook has a suite of reports giving you the insight you need.

The ability to add bespoke reports means you can give your clients data in the format they want to see.


Loading bank statement data is easy. Cashbook accepts data feeds in a variety of file formats or take a SWIFT message feed (MT940/950/942)

We work with you to connect your internal processes/systems with cashbook to load expected data.

Data being integrated into cashbook
Infographic depicting downstream payments system

Payment Instructions

Start your payment process from Cashbook, Cashbook can message payment / transfer / receipt instructions to downstream payments systems.

Enjoy automated reconciliation of all instructions originated in Cashbook.

Leading companies are using Cashbook, get started today!