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Designed to give you control, insight and transparency in an instant

We offer a combination of plug and play products that can be integrated with your current systems and processes and can also be customised to your needs. Our capabilities extend to big data engineering and bespoke software development. Our solutions are available as both cloud-based and hosted, to meet your specific operational requirements and individual business needs.

Our Services

Big Data Engineering

Big data brings with it big opportunities – if you know how to unlock the potential it promises. We are able to gather, process, compare and analyse large amounts of data from multiple sources, helping you to uncover previously hidden insights and make sense of data in new ways. So that you are able to drive business advantage.

Consulting & Development

Through our skilled team of data engineers, developers, business analysts, UX designers and business support, we can offer consulting and development aligned to your deployed technology and tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Over the years we’ve built
strong partnerships

Over the years we’ve built strong partnerships

Our Products

Our products are designed to put you in control, providing you with timely access to the right information to improve operational capabilities and better inform decision-making. Designed to meet different requirements within the deal lifecycle, each product has full stand-alone functionality but also integrates with other products within the StructureIt product suite, where required.

Cashbook Logo


A smart cash administrator that lets you track your actual cash flow against expected, with intuitive reconciliation functionality.

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Investor Reporting

An intelligent interface that lets you give your investors and related counterparties controlled access to the information they need.

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